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Significant estate of Robin Christian Andersen

Robin Christian Andersen was an outstanding painter of the 20th century whose works still fascinate today.

Significant estate of Robin Christian Andersen

orn on July 17, 1890 in Vienna and deceased on January 23, 1969, Andersen left behind an impressive artistic legacy, which we are proud to present.

Andersen was trained by his father Christian G. Andersen in Vienna and was an early co-founder of the "Neukunstgruppe" in 1909, together with artists such as Schiele and Faistauer. As secretary of the "Sonderbund", he organized association exhibitions from 1918 onwards and played an important role in the art scene of his time.

Memberships in various artists' associations such as the Salzburg artists' association "Der Wassermann" and the Hagenbund shaped his career, as did his work as a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts. He taught there from 1945 to 1965 and influenced an entire generation of artists, including Kurt Absolon, Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Anton Krejcar.

Andersen's works were awarded numerous prizes, including the Silver State Prize Medal and the Gold Medal of the Künstlerhaus. Today, his paintings and prints can be found in renowned collections such as the Österreichische Galerie, the Albertina and the Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien.

A particular highlight of his work is the tile painting "Life on the Water" on his home at Wernhardtstraße 12, which impressively reflects his artistic vision and innovative spirit.

The estate of Robin Christian Andersen, consisting of drawings, notes, documents and inventory lists, is not only a historical document, but also a window into the soul of one of the most important artists of his era.

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